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BTN16-01.000Won close 3 setter against BOV on Sept 30
SSA-T15-2.882SSA-T vs BOV: Match between 2 Juggernauts - SSA-T won
BOV14-2.875Close win over Ha:San.. 26-24 in 2nd set
Ha:San13-4.7653 Set win over SSA-T: 15-9 in the 3rd
CCHS12-5.706Another "barnburner" 15-13 over Ha:San in 3rd set
Veritas - Sierra Vista12-5.706Great match vs Veritas-Tucson: 15-10 in 3rd set
Veritas-Tucson11-6.647Sept 13: 3 set loss to Hiaki
Hiaki11-6.6479/17 - Interesting match:  3rd set win over CCHS
ROL8-9.471On 9/9 Lost 3 setter :( and 9/18 won a 3 setter :) !!
ACPA7-10.412Tight match vs Nosotros on Oct 16: 15-13 in 3rd set
PPHS6-11.353What a match against Berean: 25-21, 22-25, 16-14
SSA-DM3-14.177 On 10/22 won tight 3 setter vs Berean: 15-9 in 3rd
TIA2-14.125Lost 3 setter to PPHS on 9/30
Berean2-15.118Close first win: 15-9 in the 3rd set

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